25 Oct 2011

Defining my Visual Language II

I have a book idea about this little girl who is so overwhelmed by a thought, a question if you like, and gets so deep into her own thoughts that the world surround her started to transform into dream-like landscapes where she will find herself wondering through the wonderland! "curiouser and curiouser" as page goes on.

And so far, I have been playing with monoprinting in hope of finding my own visual language. 

The lovely characters live in dreams, so please excuse their slightly bizarre appearance.

The central thought to me now is:
What can an 8-year-old possibly be thinking and be so overwhelmed by!?

*I have put this project temporarily on hold. But I will come back to this idea one day!

17 Oct 2011

徐小光的詩集插畫 illustration for poem

This is my first published illustrations for a poetry book written by the young talent whose the winner of a number of prestigious award in Taiwan. This is his first book where four of my illustrations are included. The book can be purchased on: http://www.eslite.com/product.aspx?pgid=1001132352103838&cate=156&sub=194#