About me

Hello, my name is YuTing Cheng a.k.a Charlize. I have always been aware of my tendency to visualize what’s on my mind, which can be philosophical or just a day-dream. I started writing diaries at the age of 12 and it was there that I cultivated an inner space alongside my growing interaction with the world that lies outsideI experienced my inside world in a subjective way, free of external conditioning; and what emerged from this was my imagination and creativity.  

Born in Taiwan, but received the main part of my education in England since I'm 14. In 2010 I completed my first degree in BA Philosophy from the University of Bristol, which not only trained me to be logical but also to always think outside the box. But 'thinking' alone wasn't enough if I wish to contribute to the ever-changing world, I enrolled myself in the Master program in Children's Book Illustration where I acquired a hand-on skills of what I am instinctively good at: design and visual communication. I have enjoyed communicating through sequential images and at the same time aim at achieving a sense of aesthetic pleasure through design. But most importantly, my natural urge in telling stories since I was young is the main source of motivating my narrative illustration. I believe it's not only the skills that define the success of an artwork, but it's the little extra that takes it far!  

Generally, I enjoy a lot of travelling and have always volunteered with children throughout my student life. During the academic year 2008-9, I was the project coordinator of Twins Club, where I organized volunteering events for interactive games for twin toddlers in Bristol. I spent a summer in 2008 stepping into north-west Thailand to teach basic maths and science in schools from less advantaged backgrounds. Through out the academic year, I worked as a part-time primary school teacher in England teaching Mandarin Chinese, where I had to come up with creative visual materials to aid the learning process. It was, in fact, through those great but challenging teaching experiences I had that gave me the idea of illustrating for children's books. 

What I have always valued in is education, especially when received at the young age. Alongside with my passion in art and design, I am looking forward to combining the two and effectively turn reading and learning experience into a natural habit for youngsters.